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Whole In One provides many gutter cleaning and repair services.

Gutters on a roof do more than prevent you from being drenched when you enter or leave a house in a rainstorm; they collect rainwater and lead it safely away from the foundation. Perhaps the most common cause of a wet basement is either the absence or failure of the system of gutters, downspouts and leaders.

It's not uncommon for so-called professionals to charge many thousands of dollars to waterproof a basement without first checking for the source of the water. One person I was told of spent over $2000 to do the job only to find that his neighbour, only 20 feet away, solved the same problem simply by adding an extension to his downspout to carry rainwater away from the foundation. (I wonder if he directed the water to his neighbour's yard?!)

A number of materials are used in the manufacture of rain gutters, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of the material, all gutters need regular maintenance, and any problems that occur should be tended to quickly. Perhaps the most obvious problem is a clogged downspout. This can be determined when rain pours over the edge of the gutter, rather than down and out the spout.

When this occurs, a number of serious problems can appear. If the back of the gutter is lower than the front edge, water will run over onto the outside wall. Any cracks and holes in the wall will catch the water and lead it quickly inside the house. Even if the water does not show up on an inside wall, it can still cause rot within the wall.

If a gutter is clogged with water before a freeze, the ice that forms can damage or ruin the gutter in short order. Always check your gutters after all the leaves have fallen in the fall and before the freezing weather sets in.

[Image 1] Are your hard to reach gutters flowing properly?

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